Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's with the new logo? Defining the Middle Ground

So often in politics we speak about finding the middle ground. In fact it seems that a common view is that we should find the middle ground somewhere between the two polar extremes, that depending how far the other extreme is we should compromise our position in order to reach the "middle ground."

Well it just so happens that as you cross the water to the beginning of Virginia's peninsula you will see a light that marks a small rise in the center of Hampton Roads.  Its name is the Middle Ground Light.  It is an all red caisson lighthouse that, when first established around 1890, gave off a fixed steady white light to guide ships in Hampton Roads waters. This is the kind of "middle ground" we must use to guide our country.

The only meaningful middle ground must be a permanently fixed point that we can agree upon as was established in the US Constitution. Once we recognize this fixed point, we can then use it to guide us toward the proper role of government to protect individual liberty and individual rights.


  1. This site appears to be just what we were looking for - a way to join forces with other Tea Party groups in the area. We are especially interested in forming alliances within the 'Middle Peninsula Planning District' areas, since we see that group as being the greatest threat to our property rights at the moment.
    Thank you for facilitating this!

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