About the Website

Use the menu bar under the header to navigate around the website.
When you see the page name followed by an @ symbol that is also the address you can use to post to that page simply by sending an email.  For example, email sent to hampton@peninsulateaparty.org will appear on the Hampton page (under the "choose my local" tab) or http://hampton.peninsulateaparty.org.

We've divided main topics into local state and federal issues, a links page to just share links, and a whole calendar page to include more than just event postings, plus a meetings page for meeting announcements as well as related news and after action information. The Open Topics page is for those subjects that just can't fit into one or more of the other areas.
Also moderators of each of these blogs are welcome.

Stay up with and help others know about events by getting your own calendar and contributing to the PeninsulaTeaParty calendar! See our new Calendar page and scroll down to learn more.

More detailed instructions are coming soon.

For questions or help with the site please contact Robert Alexander, 757-593-1719 or by email at admin@peninsulateaparty.org or alexanderofyork@yorkteaparty.org

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